What am I doing here?

What is this “blog?”


If the process of expressing oneself may be therapeutic or stress-relieving, then I am due for some therapy. The polarization of this age is tiresome, and I have decided to permanently check out of the echo chambers I once lurked in. So I’m hoping this blog will be my new outlet, as I believe there is so much to talk about.

There is little doubt that the world has become a bizarre place. Possibilities that were once scoffed and snorted at have become reality, people are exposed, and the caricature of mankind grows more grotesque and abstract. We live in inverted times. News media is run by gore hounds, TV has been dumbed down, and music consists of celebrities rather than musicians. In art, the objectification of a great thought or emotion has given way to the subjectification of the act of expression itself. Hence all of the abstract, shock art that has no beauty. Civil discourse and dialogue is very nearly impossible now. Rather than taking in information, forming an opinion, and arguing it with facts and logic, the aim is to ingest analysis from some authority, determine if it supports a preferred world view, and then zealously confront those who are “incorrect” and won’t toe the line. What was once a tool for understanding and finding the truth has become a mechanism for individuals to prove their loyalty to an ideology and go to battle with non-believers.

So why is all of this happening? I believe it’s the fear taking over. It’s the age of terror, Ebola, doomsday asteroids, salmonella, climate change, active shooters, World War IIIĀ  and the knock-out game. The only way to move forward is to look into the abyss and try and figure it out. So if you are prepared to witness the strangeness, the brilliance, the power, the intrigue, the cunning, and the ensuing revulsion that follows all of that, then subscribe to this blog because I intend to explore every crevice, read between every line, and turn over every rock to see what strange things crawl around out of the light of day.


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