The Wikileaks Podesta Emails Part IV: Putin and Russia

“In terms of interesting, Vladimir Putin is always interesting. You’re never quite sure what he’s going to do or say next, and he’s always—he walks around with, you know, a redwood chip on his shoulder defending and promoting, you know, Mother Russia.”

Again, Assange has probably taken out the most sensitive information in Podesta’s emails and other leaks, but what information we do have illustrates Russia’s breakout from the hegemony run from Washington, London, and Berlin.

2008 Invasion of Georgia

This email from Podesta to Scott Lilly, a fellow at the Center for American Progress, concerns the Russian invasion of Georgia after Putin’s South Ossetian rebels had failed to dissuade Georgia from seeking NATO membership. Georgia lies in a geographically strategic area, with oil pipelines running from the Caspian Sea reserves to Europe circumventing the Russia/Iranian sphere of influence in the area. This pipeline was an economic anchor for the west to penetrate into the Caucuses, commonly referred to as Russia’s backyard.

“I have it on good authority that the DNI was completely caught off guard by the Russian invasion. He was, according to my information, watching CNN with his mouth wide open. This is a collosal[sic] failure of U.S. intelligence. The word inside the community is that overhead and other resources were so fully tasked on Iraq and Afghanistan that little was left for the South Caucuses. That indicates that the security costs presented by the Iraq occupation are even more profound than believed by many of us who worried about that issue.”

This also indicates that the Globalists had underestimated Putin’s gall. After George Soros and his NGO’s plundered Russian state assets and sold them for pennies under the Yeltsin regime, the Globalists didn’t think that Russia had the economic capability, let alone the political will, to launch a coordinated military campaign to rebuff western advances through the former Soviet satellite countries.

Too Defensive

In a paid speech to Goldman Sachs at the 2013 IBD CEO Annual Conference, Clinton is either sugar coating or misinterpreting Putin’s petulance and mistrust of the West as defensiveness.

“So we were making progress, and I think Putin has a different view. Certainly he’s asserted himself in a way now that is going to take some management on our side, but obviously we would very much like to have a positive relationship with Russia and we would like to see Putin be less defensive toward a relationship with the United States so that we could work together on some issues.”


In yet another paid speech for the 2013 Jewish United Fund Of Metropolitan Chicago Vanguard Luncheon, Clinton talks about trying to break through a barrier of distrust.
“In terms of interesting, Vladimir Putin is always interesting. You’re never quite sure what he’s going to do or say next, and he’s always—he walks around with, you know, a redwood chip on his shoulder defending and promoting, you know, Mother Russia. So he and I have had our interesting moments. He accused me of personally causing all the riots after the contested election two years ago, but he is someone who you have to deal with. You can’t, you know, just wish he would go away. He has a huge country and huge potential for causing problems for many people so I always tried to figure out some way to connect with him, what we could talk about that maybe we had some common ground”
Hillary is right when she says you can’t wish Russia would just go away. What she is talking about is Mackinder’s Heartland Theory, and the fact that every land invasion of Russia, from the Nazis in Operation Barbarossa, to Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grande Armee, and even the Mongol Hordes could not put Russia away for good. The combination of vast expanses of territory, harsh winters, and a massive human population have always been the root of Russia’s strength.

Putin Likes Tigers

At the same luncheon, Hillary claimed to have bonded with Putin over wildlife conservation.

“I said, ‘You know, Mr. Prime Minister, we actually have some things in common. We both want to protect wildlife, and I know how committed you are to protecting the tiger.’ I mean, all of a sudden, he sat up straight and his eyes got big and he goes, ‘You care about the tiger? I said, ‘I care about the tiger, I care about the elephant, I care about the rhinoceros, I care about the whale.’

So we go down the stairs, we go down this long hall, we go into this private inner sanctum. All of his, you know, very beefy security guys are there, they all jump up at attention, you know, they punch a code, he goes through a heavily-armed door. And then we’re in an inner, inner sanctum with, you know, just this long, wooden table, and then further back, there’s a desk and the biggest map of Russia I ever saw. And he starts talking to me about, you know, the habitat of the tigers and the habitat of the seals and the whales. And it was quite something.”

HWA Speech Flags [pdf] pg. 61

We should all remember that Putin was a member of the KGB working in East Germany. He may have let Hillary into his man cave, but Putin knows better than to ever, ever trust the Globalist elite.

Regardless of what you think of Putin, it’s fairly clear that he has refused to cooperate with the Globalist system, and I think he will never trust any member of the Washington elite or any Globalist. More distressingly, his defiance has been rewarded by his own efforts, and others are beginning to notice. What is so painfully obvious is how oblivious the elite are to the destruction of their own credibility.

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