China Developing Mini Nuclear Reactors to Power South China Sea Expansion

Nuclear power represents a serious tactical concern in any potential military conflict…

China’s continued territorial seizures are becoming a gaping hole in the fabric of American global dominance, and yet another outbreak of multipolarism in the Globalist framework. Now, they are working to outfit their remote island outposts with so-called “baby reactors” within the next five years.

Micro-reactor may power South China Sea outposts

Although the small, lead-cooled reactor could be placed ­inside a shipping container ­measuring about 6.1 metres long and 2.6 metres high, it would be able to generate 10 megawatts of heat, which, if converted into ­electricity, would be enough to power some 50,000 households.

The fact that these little nuclear power plants can last decades without refueling signals an intention by the Chinese to maintain an indefinite military presence in the South China Sea. Nuclear power represents a serious tactical concern in any potential military conflict, having the potential to spread radioactive material all over the region’s major shipping routes and a critical food resource in fishing.

Paralleling Russia’s advances on fossil fuel markets, China has been expanding their role in nuclear power internationally and domestically.

Britain approves controversial Chinese-financed nuclear-reactor, with a catch

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